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What is SWONT Conductive Education?

SWONT Conductive Education summer programs help children who have been diagnosed with cognitive-motor impairments such as Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia, Spina Bifida or individuals with neurological and mobility impairments to learn new skills increasing their independence.

The benefits of Conductive Education Programs
Using the methods founded by Hungarian physician Professor Andras Peto, our program consider those with special needs to have different learning abilities. The program is designed to allow for a maximum level of individualization and adjustment to personal needs.
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The group programs are designed to be stimulating for students of all ages! 

Our program offers a structured learning environment.

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Success Stories

Read stories of success from past participants.

Before conductive ed he would not weight bear at all or take assistive steps a week in he was standing and supporting himself! I can’t wait to bring him back next year and years to follow to see what else he will be able to accomplish during his camp month.
We've been fortunate enough for the past thirteen years now to have our son Cooper participate in the Conductive Education Program held in Chatham every summer. An opportunity that we are very thankful to have for many reasons.
Conductive Education has definitely done wonders for this boy!!! He’s been working so hard and this morning while we were waiting for Ron to do a couple of things before going to the living room, he decided he was going to get in this position all by himself!
Personal development of independence.

Improve range of motion, balance and coordination in a social learning environment.