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What is SWONT Conductive Education?

Our summer camp programs are designed to support children with Cerebral Palsy, urological, and mobility impairments to learn skills through life experiences and activities to overcome common developmental challenges and build cognitive learning.

Using the methods founded by Hungarian physician Professor Andras Peto, conductive education assumes motor disorders are learning disabilities. Our SWONT Conductive Education summer camps take into account that those with special needs have both extra and different learning abilities.
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The benefit of conductive education is children learn how to be independent. We strive to teach the families in small groups, encouraging positivity within the group. During the programs, we sensitize the parents to the essence of Conductive Education, giving them the skills they need to continue Conductive Education practices with their child at home.
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Our summer camp program is a stimulating motivator for children ages 2-16 with Cerebral Palsy, neurological conditions, and mobility deficits. Our group program allows for the maximum level of personalization to accommodate personal needs.

Structured and encouraged group activity.


Stories of success

Read stories of success from our summer camp programs.

Thank you so much. Allyson learned to roll over with CE, and the most significant thing was how her Ortho was so amazed. With CE and diligence of her mom being psycho with workers about the importance of stretches, physio. At 26 - she has no scoliosis- which the Ortho said is unheard of at her age with her level of CP! I truly believe this has kept her alive beyond her life expectancy! CE is about helping kids with achieving their best- not a conventional standard of what is normal. Optimists - what you guys have done & continue to do is so important in more ways than you realize thank you from the bottom of my heart.
By teaching the parents and personal support workers during the summer, the Conductors are giving us the tools we need to help our kids at home until we are back at camp again the next summer to build on what we have learned. Increasing range of motion, relaxing severely tight muscles, reducing risk of contractures, improving balance and strength, the list of advantages in participating in the program goes on. Having it right in our home city is a huge perk as well, many special needs kids do not travel well, nor stay away from home, out of their regular routine comfortably
Personal Development, Sensory Integration, Independence

Improve range of motion, balance and coordination through a social learning environment.